Demanding downhole applications such as SAG-D Artificial Lift (ESP) motors and seals (protectors), mud motors, etc. require unique thrust bearing solutions. D&S Engineered Products Inc. offers hydrodynamic tilting pad bearings with Hardfaced pads to provide superior performance, reliability and longevity.


Hardfacing Advantages

Oil and Gas industry is familiar with hardfacing to improve wear characteristics of components using weld overlay, thermal spray (HVOF) and the more recent laser cladding processes. D&S' hardfacing is a novel process wherein Tungsten Carbide (WC) powder is embedded in a wear, corrosion and oxidation resistant alloy matrix and the mixture is fused onto the bearing pad surface to produce a dense, porosity free, metallurgically bonded coating.


Superior to Thermal Sprayed Bearings

Our Hardfaced bearing surface is:

  • Smoother and uniform. Minimizes expensive grinding operation.
  • Homogeneous, fully dense and porosity free. Will not require sealing of surface pores for corrosion resistance as is needed for thermal sprayed WC.
  • Highly ductile and tough. Can be used for flexible substrates without distortion.
  • Less expensive. Less overspray and less capital intensive.

Better than Bonded Ceramic Wafer Bearings

Our Hardfaced bearings are also better than bearings with bonded ceramic wafer. Bonded ceramic wafers are difficult to bond to the substrate, are brittle and prone to fracture, are more expensive, and need to be in the net shape before bonding. Due to the difficulty of bonding ceramic wafer to substrate, many manufacturers shrink fit the ceramic wafer to the substrate. This can induce stress fractures in the already brittle ceramic wafer leading to catastrophic failure.

Hydrodynamic journal bearings support a rotor in the lateral directions. D&S designs and fabricates many types of journal bearings utilizing different technologies and materials.

Journal Bearings

Hydrodynamic thrust bearings support a rotor in the axial direction. D&S designs and fabricates many types of thrust bearings utilizing different technologies and materials.

Thrust Bearings

A squeeze film damper adds a spring and dashpot in series between a bearing and the housing in order to shift critical speeds, damp high resonances, and reduce dynamic loads.

Squeeze Film Damper