Thrust bearings in Artificial Lift equipment, be it a seal/protector or a motor, are subjected to high load and high temperature. When failure is not an option, polymer faced tilting pad thrust bearings provide high level of performance and reliability.

PEEK based polymer face of the thrust bearings allows the equipment to be operated at higher temperatures, with higher loads and with thinner lubricant films than traditional bearing materials.

  • Our proprietary polymer blend provides better coefficient of friction and wear characteristics for the time when the runner makes contact with the bearing, such as during high loads, high temperature and start/stop.
  • Bearings are available for bidirectional or unidirectional (clockwise or anti-clockwise) us

Polymer faced tilting thrust pads have been standardized so that they can be used in multiple designs for various applications. This keeps the production cost lower for our customers.


With almost 25-year experience in the design and manufacturing of bearings for use in Artificial Lift or Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) equipment, D&S Engineered Products is uniquely positioned to produce high-load, high-performance tilting pad thrust bearings.


The production of components and the final assembly/finish processing takes place within our ISO 9001 certified facility in Attleboro, MA, USA. This enables us to maintain very low inventory yet respond quickly to our customers' requirements.

We also offer bearings made of traditional bearing materials for lower cost, and bearings with highly engineered bearing surface material such as carbides, hard coatings, etc. for demanding Oil and Gas applications like SAG-D, mud motors and drill heads.

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